In your grove

Your home is nestled in one of our working olive groves. We wanted to share some information about the trees around you and what you might see during your stay.

Our first olive trees were planted in 1997, at Rangihoua Estate. Since then, Allpress Olive Groves has taken shape as the home of world-class extra virgin olive oil on Waiheke Island, and exceptional island experiences. 

While the groves have been around for decades, Allpress Olive Groves itself was founded in 2021 by Michael Allpress. After 33 years at the helm of Allpress Espresso, Michael, a Waiheke Island local, began producing olive oil from trees on his property in 2016, working with Rangihoua Estate to mill his olives. When the opportunity to purchase Rangihoua Estate and number29 came up in 2021, Allpress Olive Groves was born. 

Number29 has 185 established trees made up of several different varietals, including Frantoio, Verdale, Mission and Manzanillo.

Frantoio is a Tuscan varietal from Southern Italy that consistently produces high quality oil every year. The fruit is a medium size and produces a buttery, creamy style oil.

Manzanillo and Mission are Spanish varietals. Manzanillo produces wonderful olives with a small stone and plenty of flesh – making them perfect for pickling. Mission olives produce a delicate tasting oil which is perfect for blending with other more punchy varietals.

In 2022 our team planted a further 174 Picual trees. Picual has fine leaves, medium sized fruit and produces a distinctly robust and full-bodied tasting oil which is high in nutrient-rich polyphenols. It does incredibly well here on Waiheke Island,

Citrus fruit trees 

Behind the barn you will see that we have some beautiful grapefruit trees. Please help yourself and make some fresh juice with the fluicer that you can find in the kitchen. 

What's happening in your grove?

We wanted to share what you might see happening in your grove during your stay. Feel free to walk and explore the grove, and if you’d like to learn more, pop into our Tasting Room & Store to talk to the team.

  • Mar - May  

    Harvest time – this is our favourite time of the year. You might see our harvest team in action, as this is the season for picking and milling our olives.

  • Jun - Sept

    The winter prune – during August and September, you might see our team in your grove pruning the olive trees, to ensure they’re in their best shape and ready for the new season.

  • Sept

    Planting new olive trees – during this time of the year, you might spot our team planting new olive trees in your grove. Olive trees love dry conditions and that’s why we plant in early spring.

  • Oct

    Flowering – during this time of the year, you’ll see tiny olive flowers on the trees. You might see our team in the grove checking the flowering and ensuring they’re in good growing condition.


  • Nov - Dec

    Spring budding – during this time of the year, you’ll see little olive buds appearing on the trees. Our team will be popping into the grove from time to time to check these buds to ensure the trees are healthy and ready to grow.

  • Jan - Feb

    During this time of the year the team will be in the grove completing grove maintenance and harvest preparation.