Our first olive trees were planted in 1997, at Rangihoua Estate. Since then, Allpress Olive Groves has taken shape as the home of world-class extra virgin olive oil on Waiheke Island, and exceptional island experiences.

While the groves have been around for decades, Allpress Olive Groves itself was founded in 2021 by Michael Allpress. After 33 years at the helm of Allpress Espresso, Michael, a Waiheke Island local, began producing olive oil from trees on his property in 2016, working with Rangihoua Estate to mill his olives. When the opportunity to purchase Rangihoua Estate and number29 came up in 2021, Allpress Olive Groves was born.

Since then, we’ve been dedicated to curating something special, something more than just award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Allpress Olive Groves is fast becoming a place to enjoy unique island experiences. Our tasting & retail store, mill tours and events show visitors a different side of Waiheke, while our collection of holiday homes, all set in idyllic olive grove locations, offer a unique island escape.

Along with growing our two exceptional extra virgin olive oil brands – Allpress and number29 – we have our sights set on investing in Waiheke as a world-class destination, expanding the island’s tourism repertoire beyond vineyards and beaches. Allpress Bistro is set for completion early in 2025. 

We’re building a passionate local team to grow, mill and blend our extra virgin olive oils, deliver unique Waiheke escapes and experiences, and soon, to serve locals and tourists alike at our new Allpress Bistro.

We look forward to hosting you.

  • Our Oils

  • These award-winning extra virgin olive oils celebrate Waiheke Island’s unique microclimate, volcanic soils and coastal proximity – each carefully crafted for your enjoyment.


We are olive growers, millers and blenders from Waiheke Island, Aotearoa New Zealand – a unique region with its own microclimate producing world-class extra virgin olive oil.

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With origins on restaurant tables in New Zealand for over 20 years, our Waiheke Island EVOO has been crafted to elevate simple, quality ingredients across a broad style of cuisines. number29 is proudly part of our Allpress Olive Groves oils family.

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Community Press

At Rangihoua Mill we can press your olives for you, from harvests as little as 30kgs. Discover more about harvesting and caring for your oil, plus related fees and how to book your mill slot.

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Our Future

Find out more about our plans as we develop Allpress Olive Groves.

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