Five ways to use EVOO in everyday cooking Five ways to use EVOO in everyday cooking

Five ways to use EVOO in everyday cooking

Elevate your everyday cooking with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)  

Few culinary ingredients rival the taste, versatility and health benefits of good quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Packed with clean, bright flavours and plant-based nutrients, extra virgin olive oils from Allpress Olive Groves can transform simple ingredients and elevate your everyday food rituals. Let's explore five easy ways to bring more EVOO into your day. 

EVOO plus one  

One of our all time favourite ways to enjoy EVOO is on its own, just poured directly from the bottle over one other ingredient. Fresh tomatoes are the perfect sidekick. It can’t get easier, healthier or more satisfying than this. Thinly slice ripe, good quality tomatoes and arrange on a platter, season with sea salt and black pepper, then drizzle with Allpress Waiheke Blend extra virgin olive oil.  

EVOO on toast  

In the morning, dress your toast with EVOO instead of butter. It's even more delicious and much better for you. Allpress Harvest 22 would be our choice. This rich, grassy and buttery oil also pairs well with poached eggs.  

Dress it up with EVOO 

Say goodbye to processed dressings and embrace the taste (and health benefits) of simple, homemade dressings. Combine Allpress Waiheke Blend extra virgin olive oil with fresh lemon juice, a crushed clove of garlic, dijon mustard, honey and a dash of sea salt. Keep a jar in your fridge and pour over salads and roasted vegetables.  

Sauté with EVOO 

Instead of reaching for butter or a supermarket extra virgin olive oil, try using Allpress Harvest 22 as your go-to cooking oil. It's a myth that extra virgin olive oil shouldn't be used for sauteing or frying! Roughly chop a bunch of seasonal greens like kale, silverbeet and spinach. Then add a tablespoon of EVOO to a heavy base pan, and gently saute the greens until they’re just wilted. Season with lemon juice, sea salt and extra extra virgin olive oil.  

Blend EVOO into your smoothies  

If healthy smoothies are your morning (or lunchtime) fix, try adding 30ml of the highest quality EVOO to the blender. Allpress Picual is our pick. This limited release EVOO crafted from a single olive variety, Picual sells out every year due to its fresh, robust flavour and extra high polyphenol count. Click here to see our green smoothie recipe.  

Bake with EVOO 

Another common myth about extra virgin olive oil is that it's only good for savoury dishes. Not true. There are countless Greek, Italian and Spanish cakes where EVOO stars. Sweet treats made with EVOO are lovely and moist with a luscious texture. For a more everyday take, we’ve developed an easy chocolate brownie recipe using Allpress Waiheke Blend, click here to read.  

If you’d like to learn more about our range of handcrafted Waiheke Island extra virgin olive oils, why not visit us on Waiheke for a tasting? Our warm, knowledgeable team would love to see you and talk all things EVOO.  

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