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Recipe | Green Smoothie

We like to match this nutrient-dense, vibrant smoothie with our new season Allpress EVOOs. Waiheke Island extra virgin olive oils are especially fresh and herbaceous, complementing the sweet-green elements perfectly. Enjoy!  

Serves 2



Cucumber, ⅓  Telegraph or 1-2 Lebanese Cucumbers

Celery, 1 big rib washed and chopped 

70g      Spinach (or any leafy greens) approx 2 big handfuls

Ice cubes, a handful

200ml  Coconut water

1-2 TAllpress EVOO

1         Green Apple, cored and cut into chunks

1          Lemon, peeled and segmented (no pits) or squeezed

4         Medjool Dates, torn in half, stem and pit removed

1         Banana (peeled chunked)

1cm    Ginger, peeled

1cm   Turmeric, peeled

2t     Chia Seeds



Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend for 2 mins. Serve immediately. 



Green smoothies are especially adaptable. Play around with these ingredients and use what you have. Any hardy leafy green will work well here, such as Silverbeet or Kale.  

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