All you need to know about staying in your home

Here you’ll find useful information about your home, entertainment and staying connected.

Island tunes

Kick back and listen to music of your choice. The music is controlled via the Sonos app in your iPad. We have loaded Spotify & Sonos Radio on the app so you can search for your favourite playlists. Once you have clicked into the Sonos app, select the music note symbol from the menu bar at the bottom to choose your music source. To control where the music is playing, select the graph symbol on the menu bar at the bottom to link or unlink the speakers.

Outdoor vege garden

This home has a beautiful vegetable & herb garden, loaded with seasonal goodness and cared for by our wonderful gardening team. Please help yourself and make use of the freshly grown greens and herbs in your cooking.  

Outdoor cooking

The gas bottle for your Titan BBQ is underneath the main unit. Turn the dial on the top of the gas bottle so it opens. Then follow the instructions provided on the front of the BBQ. Please ensure you turn the gas off using the same dial on the top of the gas bottle when you’ve finished. Please clean the BBQ after use with the cleaning equipment provided under the BBQ.

Big green egg

The Millhouse has a Green Egg, a kamado-style ceramic charcoal barbecue, perfect for outdoor cooking and entertaining. Green Eggs are simple and easy to use, see below to get started.  

  1. Fill the Green Egg with charcoal, under the unit
  2. Use a natural charcoal starter or electric butane starter to light the charcoal 
  3. Avoid using lighter fluid or quick light charcoal products as these can taint the flavour of your food
  • Keeping cool, and cosy

    You can regulate the temperature of your stay with your central heating system. The controls are located on the walls in the main hallway and master bedroom.

  • Indoor fireplace

    One of the special things about staying at the Millhouse is the indoor fire. You’ll find the fireplace ready to go with firewood, fire starters and matches. Please ensure you keep the glass door shut when using the fireplace. You can adjust the airflow using the dial on the right of the fireplace. Spare firewood can be found in the garage.

  • Outdoor patio

    Escape into your outdoor Alfreso style patio and get lost in the beautiful gardens and surroundings. To operate the outdoor louvers, please use the remote located in the kitchen on the right hand wall if you are looking out to the garden, to open and close.

  • Chefs kitchen

    This kitchen was designed with entertaining in mind. If you are someone who loves to cook, this is where you will want to spend your time. Housing three dishwashers, three fridges and a state of the art oven, there is no shortage of facilities. Your home is kitted out with a set of sustainable Ironclad cast iron pans. These pans are great for cooking and entertaining family and friends.

  • Staying connected

    Although you’ve escaped to relax and unwind on our beautiful island, you may still want to get online and stay connected. See below for access details. 

    Name of Network | Millhouse 

    Password | Allpress61C 

  • Watch your fav series

    If you’re after a great film or series, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy our entertainment options. Netflix and TVNZ are logged in on the TV and are all ready to go. Feel free to log in to your personal accounts but be sure to log out.

Housekeeping info

Dishwasher draw: 

1. Place tablet in dish washer
2. Push first button to select dishwasher draw (top or bottom) 
3. Push second button (>>) to select wash mode  
4. Push start button  

Haier dishwasher: 

1. Place tablet in door  
2. Push power  
3. Turn dial to select wash mode  
4. Dishwasher automatically starts 

Washing machine & dryer 
To use your washing machine, put the tablet in the barrel and then press the power button. Choose your setting by turning the big dial then press play. Use the same instructions for the dryer. 

Iron & Ironing Board 
An iron and ironing board is stored in the laundry for you to use during your stay. 

We provide you with linen and soft towels for your stay. Please use the dedicated beach towels and keep the brown & stripy towels for indoor use only. 

Hair Dryer 
A hair dryer stored in the bathroom for you to use during your stay. 

Our team will visit your property once every 7 days to do a full clean and linen and towel refresh.  

First Aid Kits 
Your first aid kits are located under the sink in the kitchen. 

Septic System 
All homes on Waiheke Island operate on a septic system. We ask that you please do not flush sanitary products, baby wipes, paper towels or anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. 

Please note there are security cameras outside only at your stay.  

Power Outage 
If a power outage occurs there are torches in your home. Please call your stay manager on 021 478 290 if a power outage occurs.  

This property uses a rainwater tank; therefore, we ask to please be mindful when taking showers and leaving taps running. Our tap water is filtered and safe to drink. Emergency water can be found in the pantry cupboard. 

Emergency plan 
In the case of an emergency or if someone is in danger, please contact emergency services immediately by calling 111. If there is a fire, safely make your way to the assembly area located at the front gates of your property. 

No Smoking 
Smoking or vaping is not permitted inside the property at any time during your stay. 

After hours assistance  
During your stay, if you need any emergency assistance outside of our office hours of 8am – 4pm, Monday to Friday, please contact our lovely stay team on 021 478 290. 

Waiheke Dental 

Open Monday – Friday 
For After Hours & Emergencies call Dr Mike on 027 4804 220 

Waiheke Medical Centre 
09 372 3111 

Waiheke Oranga Urgent After Hours is Waiheke Islands' provider for all urgent after-hours medical care. This service operates out of the Waiheke Medical Centre.