Waiheke’s microclimate creates a unique haven for olives to thrive Waiheke’s microclimate creates a unique haven for olives to thrive

Waiheke’s microclimate creates a unique haven for olives to thrive

Waiheke Island, in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf, is renowned for its idyllic landscapes, white sand beaches, and award-winning vineyards. However, it’s our island home’s unique microclimate that makes it one of the best places in the world to grow olives and produce world-class extra virgin olive oil. 

Abundant sunshine  

Olives require a substantial amount of sunlight for optimal growth and fruiting. Compared to other parts of New Zealand, and the world, Waiheke has lots of sunshine - and this is good news for olive growers. Waiheke enjoys 2,200 to 2,400 hours of sunshine each year. Abundant sunlight also enhances the accumulation of sugars in olives, resulting in richer, more flavourful oils. 

Mild, maritime climate 

Waiheke Island benefits from a mild maritime climate, thanks to its proximity to the ocean. The sea helps to regulate and moderate the climate, preventing extremely cold and extremely hot temperatures. Salty breezes also naturally keep the bugs and leaf moulds away, so there’s no need to use chemical sprays.


Waiheke Island has less rainfall, and the rain it does get is typically well-distributed and avoids the extremes of excessive drought or heavy downpours. On average Waiheke receives approximately 900 to 1300 mm of rain each year, compared to Auckland which receives around 1,200 to 1,600 mm. Waiheke Island’s microclimate creates the optimal amount of rainfall for robust healthy olive trees.  

Mineral-rich soil 

Olive trees need nutrient rich, well-drained and slightly alkaline soil to flourish. Waiheke Island's soil, which consists primarily of clay and clay loam, is ideal for olive cultivation. Soils on Waiheke are rich in essential elements including potassium, phosphorus and other trace minerals. They also have a typically neutral to alkaline Ph level, which suits olives very well.  

At Allpress Olive Groves, we’re proud to call Waiheke Island home. Our thriving olive groves, dotted around the motu, benefit from our regions microclimate and the careful upkeep and expertise of our dedicated team of growers. Our new season range of extra virgin olives oils including Allpress, Rangihoua Estate and number29 are out now, and ready for you to taste and try. Click the button below to shop and explore the range, or visit us on Waiheke Island for tasting.  

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