Recipe | Spicy lentil, kumara and winter greens soup Recipe | Spicy lentil, kumara and winter greens soup

Recipe | Spicy lentil, kumara and winter greens soup

A true winter warmer, we call this the get-better soup. Our new season Allpress Waiheke Blend is green and nutty, beautifully balanced and refreshing in this soup. Simple, rustic ingredients in a nourishing get-better broth.  




1C Lentil (green, brown, Puy or whatever you have on hand), washed, cooked and cooled. Reserve 

1 bunch Silver Beet or Kale, leaves only - blanched in salty water, drained then thinly sliced. Reserve

¼ c Allpress Waiheke Blend EVOO

4 Garlic cloves

1.5t ground Cumin

Winter herbs: Bay leaf, Rosemary & Thyme sprigs

Flaky Salt

1 long red Chili, split and seeds removed

2 knobs of Ginger, cut into 1cm slices 

1-2 Medium Kumara, peeled and cut into soup-sized (1.5cm) pieces

Vegetable bouillon/stock paste to taste (optional)

1/4C Lemon juice



In a large pot combine EVOO, garlic, spices, herbs, salt and chili over a medium heat. Stir until spices and garlic are fragrant but not coloured. 5 mins. 

Add 5 cups of water and the Kumara, add bouillon/stock paste if you're using it. Bring to a boil and simmer until the Kumara is just cooked, 10-15 mins. Test for spiciness and remove/leave the chili to your taste.   

When you’re ready to serve, gently heat the soup, add lentils and greens in quantities to your liking. Test for seasoning. Serve with crusty sourdough and an additional drizzle of our new season Allpress Waiheke Blend EVOO. 



  • Preparing the lentils and greens separately will preserve the clarity and vibrancy of the soup. If you prefer you can cook the lentil and greens with the sweet potato in the soup broth.
  • If you have extra lentils and greens use them - with fresh greens, nuts seeds and perhaps feta - to make a tasty little lunch for yourself!  
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