Recipe | Olive oil chocolate mousse Recipe | Olive oil chocolate mousse

Recipe | Olive oil chocolate mousse

Our second recipe in partnership with Sarah Tanner is this decadent olive oil chocolate mousse. Using our delicious sea salt bar, the peppery kick of our Frantoio Blend complements the chocolate perfectly. This dessert really is the perfect winter treat.

Serves 3, simply double for a larger batch.



1 x Allpress Olive Groves x Shirl + Moss Sea Salt chocolate bar

50mls Frantoio Blend

3 eggs, at room temperature

2 T sugar, we have used organic raw sugar



Separate the eggs, put the yolks in one bowl and the whites in a separate bowl.

Beat the whites with an electric beater until peaks form. Set aside.

Add the sugar to the yolk bowl and beat with an electric beater until the mixture becomes a pale, light yellow, and nearly doubles in size. Set aside.

Melt the chocolate over a bowl of hot water and whisk through the EVOO until smooth and silky.

In a large bowl, add the chocolate and EVOO mix to the beaten yolk and sugar mix. Stir until combined.

Fold through 1/3 of the beaten egg whites, until all combined, then fold through the next third. Be careful not to get any liquid that is in the bottom of the egg white bowl. Finish with the final third, folding through until you can’t see any whites.

Transfer into your chosen serving ramekins or glasses, top with a little extra shaved Shirl + Moss if you like, and place in the fridge for 15 minutes.

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