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Recipe | Aioli

Aioli is rich and garlicky so it's all about the balance. Perfect paired with our Allpress Harvest 2022.

1 - The green, nuttiness of the Allpress Harvest 2022 twins beautifully with this delicious everyday aioli.

2 - Pungently rich, green and nutty. This EVOO is the perfect go to here. 


Makes approx. 2 cups Aioli.



4 Garlic cloves, grated on a microplane

½ t Flaky Salt

2 Egg yolks

1.5 T Freshly squeezed lemon juice

1C Allpress Harvest 2022 

Pinch Cayenne pepper (optional)



Grate the garlic into a medium size bowl. Add salt and whisk to make a paste. 

Add egg yolks and lemon Juice, whisk to blend. Keep whisking and gingerly add drop by drop of Allpress Harvest 2022 (see notes). Once the oil is binding nicely with the egg yolks keep whisking and add the rest of the oil in a very thin stream.

Taste and add salt and pepper to taste. Add more lemon juice to taste too if you like. 


  • Do use fresh lemon juice for this one. It’ll give a stronger lemon taste to your Aioli. 
  • It's very important to introduce the oil very gradually at the start, 5-6 drops should do it. This will get the egg, oil and air (from your diligent whisking!) emulsifying. 
  • This sauce is one you can very much play with in terms of taste. If you prefer a creamier less garlicky aioli reduce the garlic, add a little more Allpress Harvest 2022 and a drop or two of water at the end of the whisking.     
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